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March 26, 2012:
Big News! Manufacturers are starting to settle with homebuilders, so Chinese Drywall Settlement Information is on the way!.


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Coming to this site! Information on the drywall lawsuit and recall. Homes are experiencing problems with imported drywall from China releasing sulfur compounds that may be damaging copper and causing breathing problems.

Resources for Chinese Drywall Testing and Legal Information:

Chinese Drywall site showing corrosion and wiring damage.

CNN online article on drywall problems.

Wall Street Journal Drywall Article showing that homes may not be resellable due to imported drywall problems.

A whole series of problems can arise from having imported Chinese Drywall in your home, from electrical issues, bad smells, ruined copper, and health problems. Some of the plasterboard or wallboard made by the Knauf Tianjin company is suspected in these cases, according to several published articles. For its part, Lennar homes, which may have used some of the plaster, has relocated homeowners and arranged for removal and remodeling in several homes.

Drywall lawsuits related to Chinese Wallboard are still in the planning stages for many clients, but some attorneys appear to be working on class action status for people who have this plasterboard installed in their homes. Much of the drywall was installed between 2004 and 2006, especially in the building boom caused by Hurricane Katrina. Some of the concerns for homeowners looking to sue over Chinese Drywall will be related to the experience of attorneys who have litigation experience related to construction materials and drywall, and are able to get reliable drywall test results that hold up in a court of law. Additionally there could be legal issues related to homebuilder liability, given the large scale bankruptcies of builders over the last few years. Furthermore, many of the drywall contractors who installed the plasterboard may have been subcontractors hired on an itinerant basis, so establishing which homes used cheap drywall will be difficult, since multiple crews may work on a single development.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Not all Chinese Drywall is bad! Always ask a licensed professional for the best information. You need to be sure that the drywall installed in your house is subject to a recall, and even in 2012 it can be tough to establish whether any of the sheetrock in your house is toxic.